About Us

Our digital artist started just like the rest of you. After drawing on paper for many years, she was basically forced to teach herself graphic design by her greedy cat (and boyfriend). She eventually began drawing logos for local small companies, she fell in love with digital art on the road, and now here we all are.

How it all started

Nyras NFT was born when a cat became too greedy. We all know how the cats secretly control the real world. Now they’re coming for the NFT world!

We are a team of loyal cats’ servants passionate about graphics and web design. Untill now we’ve worked on our own websites, doing our own promotions, logos and more. All of our work is carefully supervised by our boss, Nyra The Cat (she doesn’t like to be called a “cat” btw).
Our main topic is, of course, cats!

Come join us in the new era of metaverse under the rule of cats! Not like you have a choice anyway.

“Meow meow meow meow” – laughing in evil cat

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Our Staff Team

Remember, cats choose us. We don’t own them, we just work for them.

Our Staff Team

Remember, cats choose us. We don’t own them, we just work for them.


Meow Meow – CEO


Meow Meow – Manager


Meow Meow – Intern


Woof Woof – Personal Fitness Trainer


Graphic Designer/Writer/Blogger


Web Designer

In The Future

Nyras NFT plans to stay in the cat metaverse until nothing will be left unconquered.
We have so many plans for the future! Cats can do anything so we’re planning to make them do anything. Imagine your wildest fanasies coming to life. Your dreams and nightmares are all here, featuring cats.
In our metaverse cats can be anything! We just want them to be happy, that way we will all be happy.
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Fresh Content
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Fresh Content
Every Week